Yayasan Sultan Idris Shah Foundation for the Disabled, Perak (YSIS) is a non-profit organization established in Malaysia in 1982. We provide therapy services for people with physical disablities and anyone that comes through our door irrespective of race, religion, culture or age.

YSIS is best known for its rehabilitation services that brings about rehabilitation within the community, the family and the environment. Our rehabilitation services include treatment programmes, personal counselling, educational programmes and advice in appropriate aids and equipment.

We know there are many disabled persons still in desperate situations and our main aim is to reach out to help them whenever and wherever we can. Anyone with a disability is welcome to seek our help and guidance.

Our Mission

  • To empower people and children with physical disabilities to lead meaningful and near normal lives through the multi-disciplinary approach.
  • To ease the trauma of being disabled, either natural or acquired with the attendant feelings of hopelessness, despair, suicidal tendencies, ostracisation, dejection, frustration and even mistrust in God.
  • To empower community caregivers and family with rehabilitation skills and knowledge through appropriate systematic transfer of our experiences and rehabilitation skills so as to make them more significant and effective in the care of the disabled.
  • To pursue a continuous path of improvement in the multi-disciplinary approach by self-assessment and learning of contemporary test disciplines of treatment and development of a person or child with disabilities.