Computer Accessibility

Today, the cyber world has not left out its technology to the people and children with disabilities; in fact it has complimented their usage with easy user-friendly systems. The parents group got together and purchased a computer catering for the training of children with disabilities at YSIS. Children with disabilities particularly those with physical disabilities, after an exposure to the computers can be integrated into schools, society and realities of life.

At YSIS the children that attend computer session are carefully guided and trained by occupational therapists, who assess and arrange for adaptations and modifications to enable maximum access to the computer by the child using such facility. Most of the time, the child learns to grasp and use his hand or his chin to click the cursor for instructions or movement of the system.

In being with this technology, it helps the children to have control over their environment, access to information, and avenue for expressing their thoughts, ideas and views and it is an opportunity for them to learn very much just like an ordinary person.


Hydro (water) therapy is an independent exercise programme through easy active routines in water for people and children with disabilities. It is the latest trend and is considered as the ultimate step towards the rehabilitation of disability.

Hydrotherapy leads to immeasurable benefits and aims at the ability in water as opposed to disability on land. It emphasizes the prevention and treatment of neuromuscular complications. YSIS has hydrotherapy sessions at the Dewan Bandaraya Ipoh, swimming pool at the Sports Complex, Jalan Kampong Simee. The Taiping CBR Centre has also such sessions at the Silverstone Swimming Pool.

The hydrotherapy pool and spa pool at YSIS is expected to be completed by December 2001 at the Main Centre at Pusat Pemulihan Sultan Azlan Shah in Bercham.