Services at YSIS Branches

Holistically, YSIS offers these specialized training and support services:

Physiotherapy - Physical therapy is for children with neurological conditions and adults with stroke. Training of the use of specialized equipment for other disabled person and their caregivers is provided. A variety of therapy programmes are given based on their individual disability.

Speech Therapy - The speech therapy unit provides initial assessment for speech and hearing impaired people and children and the appropriate speech therapy programmes.

Skill Development & Training Centre - YSIS runs in house courses biannually for 4 months for grassroot caregivers & staff of all PDK's irrespective of whether it is government organization or agency or an NGO. The course is free of training costs, with accommodation, and subsided meal and traveling allowance.

Occupational Therapy - Two trained professional occupational therapists provide and administer the training of the activities of daily living skills.

Spinal Wheelers Club - This club is open to any wheelchair bound person. The main aim of this club is for members confined to wheelchairs to meet and overcome their frustration of limited mobility as well as being a recreational club.

Social, Welfare & Recreation - Networking A Community Based Development Officer networks with support groups, voluntary workers, NGO's and government sectors to ensure that each individual need of children and people with disabilities is met. The CBR Officer's team work with the JPJ in relation to driving licences for SWC & SBC including the modification of vehicles for their specific use. They work closely with SOCSO, EPF, the Social Welfare Dept, Ministry of Health, doctors, the Army, the police etc. They recruit voluntary workers to assist the mobility of people and children with disabilities.

Mobile Multidisciplinary Advice & Assistance - Team The multidisciplinary team made of Physiotherapists and a CBR Development Officer visit our centers on weekly basis to assess, advice and assist the progress of the rehabilitation of each client.

Special Bikers Club - This club is open to persons who use specially modified motorvehicles for transportation as an alternative for being denied access to public transport due to their disabilities.