Community Based Rehabilitation

The World Health Organisation (WHO) defines Community Based Rehabilitation as:
'a strategy for enhancing the quality of life of disabled people:

by improving service delivery
by providing more quitable opportunity and
by protecting their himan rights'

In short with CBR the disabled person is facilitated with re-entry into society and a passage back to activities with local community resources.

YSIS has taken the lead to be the first non-government organization to pioneer, practice and continuously develop the CBR concept. Since then, we have been advocating the CBR approach as the most cost effective method of bridging the gap in rehabilitation needs, which would include the readjustment process of a modified lifestyle, within a disability.

Mobility and means of transport for persons of a disability is a progressive and continuous treatment activity and the CBR team draws upon the resources of he local statutory establishments like Road Transport Department (JPJ) to hold written tests for them. The tests are at times held at the foundation itself, as it is conducive, convenient and less stressful as the CBR team are with them. For others who need transport to centers there is support from the Army, Fire Department, Police, Public Health Centres, Electricity Board and others who assist to alleviate problems of transport and finance. Where there is a need for the purchase of recommended wheelchairs, equipment, aids and artificial limbs the CBR Officers act on behalf of the people with disabilities to secure sponsorships for them.

Another coordinating activity carried out is the facilitation of issue of driving and petty trade licenses by networking with relevant authorities and agencies including the Social Welfare Department, Socso and Employees Provident Fund.

A key activity of CBR Officers is to organize social gathering from sports to picnics and an active involvement in two support groups that come under the wings of the foundation - the Special Wheelers Club and Special Bikers Club. The main aim of these clubs is to encourage comrade ship and group support. These club members in turn facilitate towards job placement, home industries and self-employment through exchange of discussions, motivation and encouragement of their individual capabilities during their meetings and social activities.