There are 3 methods:

  1. Credit cards are the preferred choice. (Temporary unavailable)
  2. Direct bank-in / cash deposit - This includes cheques, cash deposit machines, ATM transfer or over-the-counter deposit. Important note: Upon every transaction, kindly fax/e-mail the bank-in-slip with your name, contact number and e-mail address. Kindly write your name and contact number behind every cheque. If we do not receive your transaction slip, we will not know that you have made a contribution and will have to designate the transaction as an anonymous donation.
  3. Wang Pos - payable to Yayasan Sultan Idris Shah Bagi Orang Kurang Upaya, Perak. Kindly write your name and contact number behind every cheque / wang pos sent.

Why pay via credit card?

We encourage the use of credit cards due to the following reasons:

  • efficient - processing credit card transactions are less time-consuming and it helps us reduce our administrative cost.
  • convenient - donors are spared the hassle of writing cheques or purchasing postal order and mailing it to us. Due to the high volume of transactions, we have successfully negotiated a discount in bank charges so you can save time and effort.

How secure are the credit card transactions?

The security of our sponsors' information is extremely important to us and we take stringent measures to safeguard credit card information in our due care. You have the right to dispute any transaction that is unauthorised if there are any stated in your credit card statement.

Is there a cancellation or refund policy?

If you made an error about contributing to YSIS, we will honour your request for a refund within 30 days of your donation. All requests must be accompanied by proof of payment. To request a refund, call us at 05 - 548 1905 or e-mail us at

Are my donations to YSIS tax deductible?

Yes. However, tax deductible receipts will only be issued for donations above RM50.
Tax Exemption Guidelines under Subsection 44(6), Income Tax Act 1967 effective June 2016:

a) A Tax Exemption Receipt shall only be issued to the person/company who makes the payment (name appearing on the cheque or credit card) for the donation. The receipt cannot be issued in another person's or company's name.

b) Donations made via a single cheque or credit card will only receive one (1) tax exemption receipt. In this case, YSIS will not issue several tax exemption receipts in different names under that single cheque or credit card.

c) The date appearing in the Tax Exemption Receipt cannot be earlier than the bank in date. The receipt will only be issued upon clearance of the cheque.

d) The Registration Number (for companies, foundations and societies) or NRIC Number for an individual donor is to be included in the Tax Exemption Receipt.

What it costs for Charity Partners

It is free to register as our charity partner. As our partner, your organisation will be listed as one of donation recipients for fundraisers.