History at a Glance

The Sultan Idris Shah Foundation for the Disabled [YSIS] a voluntary organization was established in 1982, in a makeshift plank building, on an abandoned housing construction site office, with bare amenities and just four people with disabilities. In 1992, the foundation moved to an eight-acre piece of land donated by the state government and under the royal patronage of the late Sulatan of Perak, Almarhum Sultan Idris Shah.

The mission of YSIS is to improve the socio-economic well-being and quality of life for the people and children with physical disabilities regardless of colour, race, religion or age and free of any costs. The early years of YSIS was devoted to establishing a sound rehabilitation service base.

Initially due to lack of technical expertise, YSIS focused their programmes on providing people and children with disabilities with financial grants for equipment and artificial aids. Tan Sri Dato Seri Jeyaratnam, the Chairman and founder member of the YSIS together with his Board of Trustees did recognize that an organization such as Yayasan would require funding to ensure effective operations. Together they worked extremenly hard to raise funds and establish a state of the art rehabilitation centre at Bercham names Pusat Pemulihan Sultan Azlan Shah.

YSIS initial office dated back in the 1982

In 1985, two Australian Occupational Therapists were recruited through Australian Volunteers Abroad (AVA) Scheme. They initiated therapy programmes that YSIS is now famous for. Over the years, YSIS increased its professional team while maintaining its commitment to providing effective rehabilitative therapy for people and children with disabilities.

YSIS core service is centers on physical disabilities and provides physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy with two support groups of the Spinal Wheelers Club and Special Bikers Club. It is best known for its rehabilitation services that brings about rehabilitation within the community, the family and the environment which includes treatment programmes, personal counseling & practical advice, education programmes & employement opportunities and advice in appropriate ais and equipment.

Today, it has also establishes a Skills Training Centre which train straff & caregivers of various similar organization with the right grassroot skills and techniques for rehabilitative care.

YSIS welcomes any child or person with disability to share our services.

State of the art Main Centre at Bercham: Pusat
Pemulihan Sultan Azlan Shah