Multidisciplinary Rehabilitation

The Foundation's service delivery through its multidisciplinary effort consists of: Physiotherapy Speech Therapy Occupational Therapy Community Based Programmes Skills Development and Training. A disability will never, through rehabilitation result in miraculous cure but it affects a recovery towards the ability to live again: to live a more meaningful life, at times independently of others and self-sufficiency within disability. This is rehabilitation.

The main components of rehabilitation comprises of: Treatment (medical, surgical and therapeutic); Education (public awareness and assessment of academic ability); Social integration; Economic habitation (self sufficiency, employment and engagement in small trade and businesses); Skills training & development (transfer of grass root training to caregivers; and Enrolment of children into normal schools.

The Community Based Rehabilitation practiced by YSIS is also unique in that we do not solely depend of referrals from doctors or hospitals but attend to any individual who walks in for assistance, or is referred to us by the public. Any call for assistance in rehabilitative care through the press is immediately acted upon.

Upon registration (our current number totals 3, 853) the disabled patients' remaining ability against his disability is assessed using this multidisciplinary approach. A consensus decision is made on the realistic goals that can be achieved by the patient within a predicted period of time. The ability of the disabled to acquire and accommodate these rehabilitative treatment, services and activity is not easy but the rehabilitation team will tirelessly forge on taking each hurdle at a time.