Our own wealth experiences and treatment was further expanded and complimented with the attachment of more occupational therapists and social workers from Australia, New Zealand, England, Germany, Japan and India who worked with the foundation local professional staff and therapy assistants. In addition to our own staff we have many physicians on a voluntary basis, especially the orthopedic physicians from the government hospitals extending the support and the passing on of identifying and assessing the associated problems and treatment of the disabilities. On a regular basis these physicians take time off their busy schedules to have an open day medical advice and assessment at the foundation, and assist our staff in every way possible.

The renowned involvement of rehabilitation services ad activities at the foundation and its strength of the multidisciplinary approach, soon introduced the posting to the foundation, nursing students from the various colleges of nursing, physiotherapy and occupational therapy students from their respective schools locates in Hospital Kuala Lumpur having established such postings as part of their curriculum. Attachments and research studies also included those from overseas, such as Mr. Kenji Kuno from JICA Japan, Ms. Sunita from Switzerland, Ms. Cecilia Santiago from Scotland, Ms. Gurdrum Pantel and Lore Schilberg from Germany and others.

The success of YSIS mission is its multidisciplinary approach whereby persons and children with disabilities are treated as a whole including their psychological and social well-being in the process of maximizing his full potential in functional living. In addition to the above, five fundamental services at the centre, the foundation also provides:

Medical Assistance - Advice Medical doctors specializing in rehabilitation services from government hospitals attend to people with disabilities at the Main Centre - Bercham and also make home visits for severe cases with the CBR officers. They also advice on the appropriate surgeries required and the relevant prosthesis aides and equipment for people and children with disabilities.

Consultative Services - YSIS staffs are available to assist other organizations and the people with disabilities in areas such as assessment, planning programmes for individual clients, designing appropriate low cost equipment, procuring funds and sharing information. Advice and assistance is also given in areas relating to SOCSO, EPF, Road Transport and Social Welfare eligibility.

Resources and Information Services - Our resource centre caters for various books, journal articles, pamphlets and notes on disability. With these, we have a small collection of conference papers and journals for reference and also video tapes and cassette tapes on disability.

Professional Development - We offer training to our own staff of other organization so that quality services is available to people and children with disabilities. This includes leadership training and other skills training.