Skills Training and Development Centre

The definition of Community Based Rehabilitation states it is a 'strategy for enhancing the quality of life of disabled people - by improving service delivery ' Faced with a shortage of rehabilitation professionals qualified in 'disability' management and CBR services in Malaysia, YSIS undertook another responsibility by expanding its services into the field or training.

As a prelude to the launch of our training course in basic rehabilitation skills a team of international Swedish CBR experts, acknowledged by the World Health Organisation in CBR was invited in 1997 to tailor an intensive two month in-house 'CBR; Training the Trainers' course at YSIS. Their engagement was fully sponsored by YSIS to train, empower and upgrade the standard of our staff.

In additional to this, YSIS, had a collective accumulated knowledge in rehabilitation skills over the years and was in a position to easily provide training to as many staff and caregivers who are attached to more than 420 welfare and CBR centres in Malaysia with basic CBE skills and techniques. Ms. Eugenie Tan - Special Projects Officer and Ms. Teo Hiong Lan Occupational Therapist, programmed the initial CBR course.

The operation of the course was sustained through public and corporate funding. To ensure quality training the start-up and operational cost for the first year was at RM280, 000, with a team comprising of proficiently qualified professionals and trained technicians who were responsible for the curriculum layout, management of the training courses, therapy programmes, low cost equipment manufacture, public awareness promotions, documentation, filing and resource centre development.

This basic course then proceeds to a second level course with added syllabus, and in-depth knowledge of further skills training. As at today, the centre has graduated 142 students for the sponsored programme by Pan Malaysia Pools Sdn Bhd. The sponsored course programme includes training and accommodation with transport and meal subsidy.

Organisations who are interested in sending their staff and caregivers may write to us for further details and registration.