Course Content

Today, the course structure consists of:

People Skills - Ability to develop awareness of better communication skills of sensitivity, respect and empathy towards people with disabilities and to work constructively and objectively sharing knowledge in a team environment. Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR)- To understand the concepts of CBR in approach to intervention, the principles of working with people and children with disabilities, the family and the community, and identify the communities surrounding the disabled with distinctions of institution, home-based and community based rehabilitation.

Disability Issues - To understand and identify disabilities and needs, the various obstacles and prejudices in the community that hinders the rights of people and children with disabilities, and the social issues that surround these people in the community they live.

Therapy Skills - To identify associated problems to appreciate the impact of disability on the daily functioning, the awareness of the different therapy approaches available and basic principles of treatment. To develop an analytical and integrative approach and apply these adequate therapeutic methods in assisting people and children with disabilities towards mobility, independence and quality of living.

Job Training and Prevocational Training - To understand the involvement of job training and implement the process of job placement and the role of job training centre. Understanding prevocational training, its pre-requisite and the set up of prevocational centres and its purpose.

Low Cost Equipment - To understand the therapeutic aspects of low cost equipment, fabricate therapy equipment of assistive devices according to design, using lost cost material, low cost equipment costing, team sharing and allocation of tasks in the process of fabricating low cost equipment.

Education - To understand the process involved in children with special needs, early intervention and the process of assessment, identifying needs and Educational Planning Programme.