Support Groups

  • Asia Community Service
    non-profit organisation based in Penang with the vision of empowering people with special needs towards a more meaningful and fulfilling life.
  • Damai Disabled Person Association Malaysia
    to reach out to the disabled people and to help the to be independent. Actively involved in advocating disabled people's right at national level by collaborating with other NGOs.
  • Kiwanis Disability Information and Support Centre
    one-stop disability resource centre providing information, support and assistance to persons with disabilities and their families.
  • Malaysian CARE
    non-profit Christian organisation serving the community, including the disabled and in the mental health area.
  • Malaysian Information Network on Disabilities
    a BAKTI project, MIND serves as a resource for disability related information in Malaysia.
  • Malaysian Mental Health Association (MMHA)
    non-profit voluntary organisation managed by an elected committee of interested persons and professionals in the community. Their objective is to promote mental health in the community; to provide rehabilitative services for the mentally ill; to support caregivers and family members of mentally ill persons and to safeguard the interests and welfare of mentally ill persons.
  • My ADHD Support (Onlone LD Parent Support Group)
    helping families with information, resources and support for ADHD, ADD, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, OCD and other related disabilities.
  • National Autistic Society of Malaysia
    provides early intervention and other programmes for children with autism aged 1-17 years.
  • National Stroke Association of Malaysia (NASAM)
    NASAM's mission is to inform the public that there is Life After Stroke through proper rehabilitation and to promote the concept of stroke prevention.
  • Parents' Resource for Autism Malaysia
    a group of parents having kids with autism and related disorders, with the common objectiv of sourcing for the latest and most successful methods for the treatment of autism to help achieve their best potential.

Counselling Departments of Malaysian Government

  • Department of Counselling, Hospital Kuala Lumpur
    provides counselling service but it requires a recommendation letter from a doctor to have the face-to-face counselling.
  • Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat
    provides face-to-face counselling, group counselling, marital counselling and online counselling.
  • Lembaga Pembangunan Wanita, Keluarga an Masyarakat Unit Kaunseling Keluarga
    this department has different hotline numbers in many states. If you wish to have face-to-face counselling, you can call or email to to make an appointment. They can communicate in Mandarin, English and Malay.
  • Pusat Telekauseling DBKL
    provides face-to-face counselling and online counselling.

Counselling Departments of Non-Profit/Non-Governmental Organisation

  • Agape Counselling Centre Malaysia
    this centre provides counselling service with a charge and the types of counselling provided includes face-to-face counselling, tele-counselling, email counsellinga and selected therapies. There are 5 Agape Counselling Centres in Malaysia. They can communicate in Mandarin and English.
  • Akasha Learning Companionship Association of Malaysia
    they offer counselling service in Mandarin and it is free of charge. They conduct individual counselling discussing family, marital and mental health problems.
  • Befrienders
    a non-profit organisation to benefit society by improving people's emotional health in order to create a greater sense of well-being.
  • Buddhist Gem Fellowship
    they provide free counselling service in English and also free tuition for orphans; Qi Gong; Yoga classes and Marital Education Programme.
  • Calvary Life Ministry
    the main objective of this centre is to offer counselling service for people in need but if you have the financial ability, you are encouraged to donate to them.
  • Eden Community Service Centre
    this non-profit organisation provides community based services such as counselling, tuition programs, youth activities and training.
  • Focus on the Family Malaysia
    free counselling services such as face-to-face, email and phone. You are encouraged to call or email them to make a counselling appointment.
  • Heart Club and Heart Club Plus
    part of the Calvary Life Ministries, is a club for children aged 7-18 with special needs and learning difficulties. It also has a self-help group for parents and caregivers.
  • ibu Family Resource Group
    non-profit association based in Kuala Lumpur providing resources for young families, new parents and raising funds to support local charities working with disadvantaged parents and children in Malaysia. Services provided include playgroups 5 days a week; various support groups such as new well baby clinics, adoption, special needs, educational talks, first aid workshops and fun activities for the children.
  • Kluang Buddhist Society PELITA Counselling Centre
    offers free face-to-face counselling service in Mandarin.
  • Life Line Association Malaysia
    conducts counselling services in Mandarin such as email counselling and face-to-face counselling.
  • Malaysia PELITA Psychological Guidance Unit
    counselling services is conducted in Mandarin and includes tele-counselling, email counselling and face-to-face counselling. Their counselling services are free of charge.
  • Pertubuhan Kebajikan Harapan Baru Manjung
    provides 'Love In The House Channel' tele-counselling. If you are interested in face-to-face counselling, you will need to call for an appointment.
  • Satir Whole Person Development Association of Malaysia
    organises a series of Satir Model and self-development courses such as counselling, marital and family therapy, parenting education and consultation. Their services are free of charge and are communicate in Mandarin.
  • Than Hsiang Mitra Welfare
    provides free counselling service. It collects donation to support the operating cost. This association covers a variety of areas of counselling such as individual, career, relationship, family ad marital. They are able to communicate in Mandarin, Malay and English.