Therapeutic Services

Yayasan Sultan Idris Shah Perak (YSIS) offers 3 core therapeutic services. They are (1) Physiotherapy, (2) Speech Therapy and (3) Occupational Therapy


Physiotherapy is the restoration of functions of limbs of the body to as near normal as possible by physical means, such as heat light electricity, massage and exercise of limbs. It is a branch of professional health treatment that deals with the prevention and management of disorders in human movement and many others related diseases.

In the Community Based Rehabilitation concept the physiotherapist involves in additional roles in the assessment, counseling, educating and transferring of knowledge about the disability and the skills of rehabilitation to the immediate family, caregivers and the disabled person.

The physiotherapist in a disability administers to stiff joints, weak and wastes muscles resulting in deformity, poor posture, balance and movement. These are then restored by: -

1. Retraining lost functions and skills in movement - as in stroke, certain infections such as Guillan Barre Syndrome, head injuries, features an dislocations.

2. Teaching development skills in those who have disability from birth.

The child or person with disability is taught new skills to develop and improve the quality of their life. Rehabilitation period usually takes a long time for these clients that includes:

Normalizing muscle tone.
Improving joing and muscle flexibility.
Improving body balance in different positions.
Re-training of gait.
Managing one self when using a wheelchair.
Restoring functional independence at home/ work/ social settings.

A successful treatment programme depends very much on a tram effort of the physiotherapist, the person or child with disability and the family members. In short, physiotherapy is the road to recovery with the co-operation of the disabled and eventually convincing the disabled person or child the value of the exercise programme. Play activities with balls to stimulate hand and leg movement Some of the equipment at the Physio Unit:

Bubble Ball Bath - Brightly coloured balls support child and facilitates movement, gives child visual and tactile feedback and support.

Tristander - Allows prone, supine or vertical standing, single stander to meet positioning needs.

Tadpole - Multi-use unit for early intervention programmes especially for children from birth to 3 years of age with motor dysfunction.

Tilt Table - Prolonged or bed rest with poor standing balance can be trained gradually to upright standing.

Restorator - Improves hip and knee joints and a perfect exercise to strengthen the quadriceps muscle.

Lapidarti Exercise Wheel - To increase movement at the shoulder joint to overcome stiff joints.

Therapy Balls - Promotes relaxation, weight bearing on knees and elicit trunk equilibrium response.

Wedges and Rolls - Provides dynamic therapy and proper positioning, coordinating training and development in the trunk in relation to upper and lower extremities.

Placement Ladder - Re-educate walking, simultaneously improving balance, weight transference and enable lifting and bending at knee joints.

Mobility Aids - Such as walking machine, gait trainer, walking frame, rollator, elbow crutches, tripod and other 'assistive' devices to assist the disabled to function better.

Approximate cost of equipment and materials RM250, 000.